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Kick off your next project, faster.

Communication is at the heart of team working. Systematically manage and run your team with maximum efficiency is the key of success.  From day to day resource planning to analytical data visualization, and from progress tracking to secure file sharing, SPMC helps you to realize your goal with fastest speed and minimum cost.

Working together, no matter where.

Workspace should not limit our ability to work. With SPMC you will be able to chat with your coworkers, upload files, track progress, view data visualizations, etc. in real time at any places. SPMC is also compatible with Trello and Slack for extended capabilities.

As the creator, you have the absolute freedom and control.

All of your ideas and works should be kept solely to you and your team. You can run your SPMC both on premise and cloud. Meanwhile, with hundreds and thousands of extensions, SPMC has boundless capabilities to help you achieve success.

Professional tools everyone can afford

Technology should belong to the people. Thus we look into solutions that can benefit as many creators as possible. SPMC is super easy to setup and extremely affordable. Whether you are small business owners or entrepreneurs, you can have professional management tools with only the price of two cups of coffee.*

*monthly running cost without installation fee. Depending on your scale.

  • Progress Tracking

  • Task Assignment

  • Time tracking

  • Calendar

  • File management

  • Live chats

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Accounting

  • Customer Relation Management

  • Simple data visualization

  • Compatible with Slack, Trello, Google+ and Facebook.

  • User permission assignment

  • Poll and voting

  • RSS feeds display

  • Blog posts

  • Closed and open groups

  • iTheme and Mcafee protection

  • Flexible extension

  • Open source

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