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Go to “Posts” at your control panel. Click “Quick Edits”, then pick the right one.


If you have administrative access, go to “Users” and “Add New” users. Please put down correct name and Oxy email address. Once finished, go back to “posts”, refresh and change byline in “quick select”.

If you do not have administrative access, please contact Bo via Slack or file a ticket.


Once your feature photo is in the system, you can add/change feature photo at the right column of the editor. Upload or select the right photo and click “update” before you leave the editor.


Go to Standard Post Layout near bottom of the editing page. Click “Update” before you exit.Snip20161120_5

Our Current platform allows us 5 different layouts. Pick the one you like “Standard Post Layout”. Click update before you exit.

You can add/change photo credit either at the media library or when you insert the image. Input your credits at “caption”



SEO is short for search engine optimization (or search engine optimizer).

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Always check the guideline recommendations when you write.

More resource.


Remember to Add Hyperlink when necessary. Keep in mind to select “Open link in a new tab”.



To ensure consistency and best reading experience, Weekly Web only accept landscape photos.

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